Kat Donovan

I was 15 when someone put a camera in my hand and said "Capture a moment". I was 20 when someone told me to "Pick up  your camera and capture history".  For the last 9 years, I have been using my love of photography to help tell the stories of my clients and show the world my place in history.

My camera and I are based out of North Little Rock, AR, but we enjoy traveling all over the world capturing moments, telling stories, and sharing history.

My style is photo journalistic with touches of artistic flare. I like to capture those special moments in between and tell the story of the emotion of the moment. 

Although wedding and portrait photography make up a large part of my portfolio, I make time to produce 1 to 2 editorial series a year.  I'm currently working on two editorial projects: 13 Years: My Return to New York and Project War Paint. 

When I am not capturing moments and history, I am traveling with my wonderful boyfriend, hanging out with my cats and his dog, or binge watching TV shows.


Recent Features:

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